Snow Removal - De-Icing   

During the last few years, ETEMA entered dynamically the field of snow removal and road de-icing, in order to satisfy the needs of installations that are situated in high altitude (ski centers, hotels, etc) for minimizing the out of service period owning to lack of access due to snow.

Salt spreader on a Unimog
Snow plough

In 1996, ┼ď┼╠┴ supplied Parnassos ski center with special snow removal equipment that were installed in the already existing Kässbohrer snow grooming machines. In 1997, our company delivered to the same center two portable snow cutters for the removal of snow from the restaurants. In the year 2000, ETEMA supplied a private owner with a snow cutter with tracks for the purposes of removing snow from a parking space, while in 2001 and 2002 respectively, it delivered two salt spreaders in the hotel-casino Mont Parnes near Athens.

Snow frase on a snow grooming machine
Snow frase with tracks

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