Snow Grooming Machines   


Ň‘ŇŐŃ has been from 1969 up to 2004 the official and exclusive representative in Greece of the manufacturer of snow grooming machines, the German Kässbohrer Gelandefahrzeug AG. In total, over the past 35 years, Ň‘ŇŐŃ has supplied 11 snow grooming machines in Greece, all of which are still in full operation!

The first supply of a snow grooming machine in Greece was in 1969 on behalf of the ski center of Metsovo, which bought a Kässbohrer —isten Bully (PB) 060. In 1976, in the first year of operation of the Parnassos ski center, ETEMA supplied the center with a PB 160. The successful operation of that machine formed the basis for the delivery of two more —¬ 170 in 1980 in Parnassos. A third —¬ 170 was delivered in 1982 to a private ski center, while a fourth one was sold in the same year in Cyprus. The sales of snow grooming machines continued in 1993 with the delivery in the Parnassos ski center of a —¬ 240. In 1995, the Public Power Corporation of Greece bought a PB 110 with a special front winch, and in 2001 a private company bought a PB 200 with a passengersí cabin. That same company acquired one more PB 170, again with a passengerís cabin.

Kässbohrer PB 240 D
Kässbohrer PB 170 D

In the year 2003, ETEMA took over the general repair of the three Kässbohrer snow grooming machines of Parnassos ski center. The general repair took place in a factory in the town of Livadia, it was completed in less than 3 months and it included the change of a diesel motor, repairs on hydraulic pumps and motors, chassis reinforcements, general electric and electronic inspection, painting of the cabins and the chassis, and many more other works.

Moreover, in the same year ETEMA sealed a deal of exclusive representation in Greece of the German manufacturer of snow grooming tracks, Hans Hall GmbH. The thousands of sales of tracks on a world-wide basis and most importantly for all types of snow grooming machines, prove the excellent manufacturing quality in combination with the very attractive prices that Hans Hall offers.

Workshop in Livadia
Kässbohrer in Ski Center Parnassos

In 2004, ETEMA bought a PB 200 with all necessary equipment (All way blade, snow frase, snow compactor), in order to cover the always increasing snow grooming needs of the Greek ski centers. Finally, the excellent cooperation of ETEMA with Kässbohrer can be proved by the continuous providing of technical support and spare parts for all the snow grooming machines that our company has supplied. An exceptional example is the two —¬ 170 of the Parnassos ski center, which have been in continuous operation since 1980!

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