Ski Lifts   

┼ď┼╠┴ was the first company in Greece that was involved with the supply, installation and maintenance of special equipment for ski centers (chair lift, ski center of Metsovo-Karakoli, 1968).

From 1976 until 1984 ETEMA, through the Mechanical Engineer Mr. K. Karamertzanis, was assigned the technical management of operation and maintenance of Parnassos ski center, which was and still remains the biggest ski center in our country.

From the beginning of the 1980s, ┼ď┼╠┴ has taken over tenths of projects regarding supply, installation, shortening and magnetic inductive testing of wire ropes and of many other material, such as a return station for a surface lift, grips, bullwheels, safety circuits and evacuation equipment for the lifts of ski center Parnassos. In parallel, works expanded to the rest of the country and in particular in the ski centers of Metsovo, Kalavrita, Pilio, Florina and 3-5 Pigadia.

Five year general      overhaul (Florina)
Magnetic testing      of wire ropes

In the year 2003, the 5-year general overhaul of the Graffer fixed-grip double chair lift of the ski center in Florina was completed, in co-operation with the Public Power Cooperation (PPC) of Greece. The works included the dismantling of all sheave assemblies, the inspections of the chair grips with penetrating liquids, of the linchpins with ultrasonic testing and of the seating rings of the roller bearings with magnetic particle testing, the replacement and connection of the largest part of the cable of the safety line, the general repair of the service brake, the magnetic testing of the wire rope, as well as many other works.

Annual operational       tests (Kalavrita)
Chair lift (Metsovo)

In the field of inspection and certification, ETEMA has since 2003 exclusive co-operation with EVETAM SA, which is certified by the Hellenic Accreditation System for the field of periodical inspection of ski lifts. ETEMA and EVETAM have accomplished since the beginning of their co-operation tenths of magnetic inductive tests on wire ropes as well as periodical (annual) inspections of chair and surface lifts, with fixed and detachable grips in the ski centers of Parnassos, Kalavrita, Metsovo, Pilio and Florina.

Moreover, ETEMAĺs technical crew also undertakes cleaning and lubrication of wire ropes of all types of ski lifts in very competitive prices.

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