Funitel, Mont Parnes   


The installation of the biggest cable car in the history of Greece is eventually a fact. On Friday, April 7 2006, at 18:00, the new Funitel of Regency Casino Mont Parnes (outskirts of Athens) began its commercial operation, exactly at the same time that the old reversible ropeway – built in 1972 – complete its last trip.

The signing of the contract took place in 2003 and it concerned the design, construction and installation of the Funitel. The project was assigned to world leading ropeway manufacturer Doppelmayr Seilbahnen SA. The Funitel marks the second big co-operation between ETEMA and the Austrian manufacturer, after the Lycabettus funicular (center of Athens). With a total cost of over € 12 million, it was the biggest single investment in any ropeway project throughout Europe for the years 2003 and 2004. Designed for 24 hour operation, 360 days per year, with 21 cabins of 20 seated passengers each, with a maximum transport capacity of 2.000 persons/hour and maximum wind resistance up to 120 km/h, this installation comprises the best technology can offer on a world-wide basis.


Due to the roughness of the terrain and the fact that the forest in Parnitha is a national forest strictly protected by Greek and European legislation, the installation of the towers was accomplished with the use of a temporary material ropeway with a length of 1,2 km and a carrying capacity of 6,0 ton.

Installation works last approximately 8 months. The official opening was held on June 20, 2006, in the presence of Greece’s Vice-Minister of Finance. The Funitel remains closed every Tuesday morning for regular maintenance.

As a special service to the casino’s VIP customers, the Funitel has two luxurious VIP cabins of 6 seated passengers each. These cabins are parked on a separate rail, so that passengers can board before the cabins enter the main line. Feeding and parking of the VIP cabins is fully automatic, without the need to stop the movement of the installation.

With a maximum speed of 6,0 m/sec (21,6 km/h), customers travel the 1.600 m installation’s length in less than 5 min! Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the words “waiting” and “queue” belong to history.


Main technical characteristics:
Inclined length: 1.595 m
Average inclination: 20° (36%)
Maximum speed: 6,0 m/s
Number of cabins: 21 + 2 VIP + 1 maintenance
Cabin capacity (normal cabin): 20 passengers (all seated)
Cabin capacity (VIP cabin): 6 passengers (all seated)
Maximum transport capacity in one direction: 2.000 passengers / hour
Number of operators: 2 + 1
Motor output: 2 x 411 kW (2 x 559 PS)

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