Reversible Ropeway Mont Parnes (1972ľ2006)   


At the beginning of 2002, ┼ď┼╠┴ was assigned the technical supervision of operation and maintenance of the reversible ropeway Mont Parnes, which was then the biggest ropeway in Greece. The installation was built in 1972 by the Swiss ropeway manufacturer Habbeger AG and was maintained based on the technical support of the Swiss ropeway manufacturer Garaventa AG (part of the Doppelmayr group) which has acquired Habbeger.


Due to the difficulty of the road leading to the casino, especially during the winter period, transportation of customers to the casino was mainly accomplished by means of the reversible ropeway. ETEMA, making use of planned maintenance and stock control techniques, managed to eliminate the out of service period of the installation, therefore maximizing the number of customers to the casino. The high level of safety provided by the installation was verified each year during the annual inspection carried out by Swiss specialists, who always certified the perfect condition of all operational and safety systems.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the Mont Parnes reversible operate a full 24 hour shift per day, 365 days per year and on average it transport approximately 800.000 passengers on an annual basis!


Friday, 7th April 2006, 18:00, is a historical moment for the Mont Parnes reversible ropeway, since it signals the end of a golden era. The ropeway officially ended its operation, exactly at the same time that the first passenger embarked on the new installation, the Funitel. Statistical figures show the greatness of the old installation: In 34 years of continuous operation it transport more than 25.000.000 passengers and completed approximately 600.000 trips without any problem. And it would continue even more, however modern increasing demands for higher transport capacity forced it to deployment. From all of us who were lucky to work at this ropeway, a great thank you to a truly remarkable installation.

The main technical characteristics of the aerial tramway are as follows:
Inclined length: 1.690 m
Inclination: 20░ (36%)
Maximum speed: 7,0 m/s
Number of cabins: 2
Cabin capacity: 30 + 1 passengers
Maximum transport capacity in one direction: 280 passengers / h
Number of operators: 1 + 2
Motor output: 194 kW (260 PS)

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